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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Silver heart charm-on tag
Floss- on tag, few buttons, used to tack down wire
Buttons - 12 on the lower right, 3 on flowers
5 hearts – on tag
Map page – used to make flowers
Index divider - cut in half and used to make mat
Tea bag – used to dye map – I was disappointed in the results from this. Maybe I didn’t let the tea seep long enough
Tags – 1 for title, the other was used in flowers
Wire – twisted the wire and then made flourish
Clip – lower left of photo
Sandpaper – letters on tag

Journaling under tag, gives everyone’s name.
It was appropriate that this last official Scrap Pack, I scrapped my father’s family’s last reunion. Nov. 1967. Life happens.