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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Silver heart charm - used in 'Love travel'
Embroidery thread - Used under title and arrows between buttons.
Small confetti hearts - used as bullets points for 'Love...'
Map page - cut out make the letters of the title, Used to border 'Love...' and 'To do list'. Rolled up for hidden journalling in the scroll.
Tea bag - pulled apart and the outer part used to outline every other letter in the title. Tag cut in half and used to label each photo, string from tag, used to seal the scroll.
Shipping tags - covered in paper and put behind the photos, the wire I used to make the 'aeroplane' in the top right hand corner.
Manilla index divider - cut up and used in both the written pieces: 'Love....' and 'To do list'
Small binder clip - used on the 'To do list' to make it look like a clipboard.
Piece of sandpaper - used to outline every other letter in the title and used to distress the outside of the piece of card.
15 buttons - 14 used as the points of travel, with the names of places around them. 1 button used to seal the scroll.