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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling reads: On a whim in August, we decided to get another cat. We went to the Jax Humane Society and looked at the cats they had there. We found an adorable gray and white eight week old kitten. At this Humane Society, when you find an animal you like, you put your name on a piece of paper and go wait in the lobby to be called. We waited in the lobby for a while and then went up to the desk to check on the status of our kitten. Unfortunately, when you put your name on the piece of paper, they don't attach that paper to the kitten's cage, so when we told the woman at the desk which kitten we wanted, there was a family behind us that said they had just "reserved" that kitten. Since we didn't want to take the kitten away from the three little girls, we let them have it. Then we went over to a cage in the lobby and decided to take a three month old black & white kitten that Daniel had been playing with. She kept patting him on the head, so we decided to take her. When we took her home, Geiger wasn't as thrilled with her as were. She hissed at the new kitten when it was still in the carrier because she wasn't used to other animals. So we kept them apart for a few days. Geiger still wasn't too fond of her, but eventually stopped hissing. The new kitten got the name of Little Bit because she was so tiny. We got Geiger when she was eight months old, so we didn't know how small a three month old was. Little Bit also goes by Bitty. And Geiger garnered a new name too: Big Girl. Even though there are a few of them, these pictures are very rare. Usually Bitty is the one who snuggles with Big Girl and Big Girl just takes it.