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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling reads:
My girls have become such good friends; itís a delight to watch them together.
Journaling reads: Nov. 30 -- Lately, I almost never dress the twins alike. Itís just easier for others to tell them apart when
I can say, ďAllisonís in the pink, Sarahís in the stripes.Ē Today, I had picked out two different outfits
for the twins. I dressed Allison then began to dress Sarah. Allison walked over to her dresser, pulled
open the drawer and rifled through it, finally pulling out the identical shirt to the one she was wearing.
She grinned as she brought it over to me for me to dress Sarah in. Canít argue with that! =)

Weíve had quite the challenges this month with the girls. Theyíve both had colds, though Sarah has gotten
rashes on her cheeks that Allisonís somehow managed to avoid catching. Plus, weíve been dealing with
Sarah the pooh monster and Allison the inventive. They are figuring out how to get to whatever they
want -- they pull chairs over to reach the TV and play with the buttons, & donít get me started on the
kitchen! I found Allison INSIDE the sink playing with dirty dishes once!

But despite it all, they are so wonderful, fun, delightful and exciting. They love to jibber jabber with each
other, especially when itís supposed to be naptime. I peeked on them today to find them both in the
corners of their cribs near each other, each with her feet stuck through the bars, swinging their feet and
jabbering away. They are such loving souls. Allison squeezes all her energy into loving hugs, and she
loves to zurburt us. Sarah has a quiet smile all her own and a light that shines in her eyes.
It is wonderful to see them so happy and growing up so well I thank Heavenly Father every day that Iím
so blessed with these children.

Credits: Andrea Nelson Childís Play CD at 3Scrapateers