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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Well, this was a huge scrap therapy session. I think the journaling says it all.

JOURNALING: I can't put my finger on it, but something is just not right. Something is out of sorts. I feel so lost and empty and struggling to make sense of the time and space around me. I feel as though I want to escape, but to where? To what? I've lived this life long enough to know that the key element missing in my life is an active, productive relationship with the Lord. I miss the peace and the element of contentment. But it seems so far out of reach... yet, just beyond my grasp. I've been here before. It's a lonely and trying road filled with frustration, agitation and justification. Trying to justify the awkward behavior and sense of existence. I feel so blah and questioning my every step. I miss the Lord. I miss the time spent with Him, learning from Him, and soaking in His nature. I feel like I'm totally on my own in this quest. Friends are absent to share this journey. There are no spontaneous coffee sessions with a friend who can share in the trying journey. I know the way back from this downtrodden daily life, but the essence of time and how to capitalize each moment is a deep struggle for me. There never seems to be enough time to embrace all the things that I feel I need to do to truly live outside of merely existing. The path back to this thriving daily life is there just beyond my reach.

Word Art, Unscripted, Vol 2 - TaylorMade Designs
Different Strokes, vol 2 - Fei-Fei's stuff
Paper, Photogenic, Paislee Press
All found at Oscraps