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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

To this day, I have no earthly clue why we did this dance. Everytime we do a tribute dance, the person whose music we're dancing to is dead. Whitney Houston, to whom we danced to and to whom the dance was named after, isn't dead as far as I know it. That said, I really have no idea why we did a tribute dance to her and her music. If my jazz instructor had a reason, he didn't share it with us. All he was worried about was us being "girly" enough when dancing to "I'm Every Woman," though he did that part of the dance better than all of us girls!

This dance, the day of the show, started off with one of the most embarassing moments I ever had while dancing. See, I was supposed to open the dance standing on stage with four other girls. I get on stage the night of the show in the dark and when the lights come up, there were only two other people standing on stage with me. The other two girls who were supposed to be standing next to me kinda "forgot" to come out during the black out. I was absolutely embarassed because I was standing in the center of the stage with just two other people with me instead of four. Thankfully I wasn't wearing red like the other group otherwise my face would have matched the color of my costume!