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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This lo is for April (Blue-tiful)Color about last minute!
It is my dd again.....Roxy.....always posing for that camera....the lady at walgreens asked me if she was a model! LOL I said "NO" just loves to take a million pics of herself......

The story behind the dd is a bit of a bluejay...for one, she is a bit assertive and totally wants her freedom....teens? and she also is a she eats like a bird too! Guess that is why she is a size 2 at 5'6".....???

This lo as inspired by many ladies, gabriellep and her flowery pp's and robinzberdz for her dots around the circles....but mostly from 2dogs! She is always cutting out those tiny leaves and well "YOU ARE TOO AWESOME" because those few little leaves were making me crazy! You must have more patience than I do....but it is worth ther results! So I thank you for that and also for that wonderful music paper idea....cant seem to get away from it!