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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

LOL ~ sorry, that children's book came to mind when I saw the results of my macro moment (still learning my new camera!) the way the wasp's body got somewhat mangled, it's stripes now look like a giant eyeball looking down at the ant. CREEPY! don'tcha think?!

Seriously now, this wasp was pestering me yesterday while I was trying to enjoy my coffee on this warm, sunny, quiet morning. I grabbed the bug swatter and beat it (or so I thought) to smithereens on the lawn. A few hours later I saw movement by my foot, thinking the little bugger had survived my beating, I yelled to dd to bring back the bug swatter and while waiting realized it wasn't moving on it's own accord. As I watched this ant struggle to pull it's prize across the patio, I also used it for an opportunity to try out some settings on the camera. Ants are very determined critters, this one, all by itself, pulled it's large prize by the legs, wings, and various other parts all the way across a 10 ft aggregate patio and beyond!