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iNSD All-day challenge

I often write things online that I think I would like to scrap. This was a note that I got sent on facebook where you had to write 25 random facts about yourself. I got 25 in less than 10 mins so they aren't very well thought out, they are just me.

Journalling (printed from facebook) Feb 5, 2009
Layout 3rd May 2009

1. I go by 2 surnames (3 if you count 'Duckie" on FB lol) and neither of them are my biological father's.
2. I once got busted by Kirsty Lawson's mother smoking pot. I was 14.
3. I have never been pregnant (although my body keeps tricking me lately!!!)
4. Ribbons, buttons and paper turn me on.... BIG TIME!!!
5. I was kidnapped by a crazy woman when I was a child and held captive for a full day. I still have mega nightmares and that is a huge part of my therapy sessions.
6. I still have a baby tooth and I don't have wisdom teeth yet!
7. My favourite no.
8. I have lived in many towns around the North Island. At least 14 that I can recall off the top of my head.
9. I am allergic to walnuts and Voltaren.
10. I was born on 10/10 and I have been contemplating getting a tattoo for the last 11 years of scales with 10-10 under but I still have a clean canvas.
11. My favourite colour is pink and I am not afraid to show it.
12. I have an older sister Rach who is engaged. She came to live with us when I was 17. I went from an only child to a teen with an older 'wiser' sister!
13. I have a baby brother Levi who is 2 and a half at the end of this month.
14. I once featured on a documentry entitled "The Good and the Bad of West Auckland....' I was on the Bad section after having been involved in a riot.
15. I started working at 14.
16. I plan on becoming a millionaire.
17. I just moved in with my boyfriend after a month of dating and I am head over heels in love!!!
18. I had an irrational fear of sand... actually IS it irrational, I mean REALLY!!!! That stuff gets everywhere. How can you NOT be afraid of stuff that turns up weeks later... like glitter ahhhhhhhh the madness!!!!!!!! Oh but back to my original point, I now live at the beach....
19. Until I was about 11, I fully thought I was adopted (despite looking soooo much like my mum) as I had not seen a baby picture of me. It turns out she had a whole album dedicated to me. I wasn't sure if I was pleased or gutted that day ;) love you mummy!
20. I am a mad scrapbooker. It is my favourite thing ever to do (well... almost, don't worry John).
21. At 13 I read the old testament and have wanted to call my first born children Nathaniel and Rebekah ever since. My aunt called my cousin Nathaniel so that rules that out but Rebekah is still my fav girls name of ALL time!
22. I had a disorder called Borderline Personality Disorder. Most of the symptoms have ceased but I still favour small dark spaces when I am stressed or scared.
23. I want 6 children.
24. I LOVE words but my vocab, spelling and pronunciation are fairly shocking!!!
25. I am going to live in italia one day and I WILL be fluent in italiano, just you wait.

I have no idea on the actual colour cardstock used...
I also used white paint that I have rather than Heidi Swapp but I thought it would give you an idea. Also alpha that I used was different but it is a Heidi Swapp mask :D