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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Baroness was our first beloved Weimaraner. We had to make the terribly difficult decision to have her put to sleep in the Spring of '04. There's still a lot of pain due to the over year 1/2 two different vets kept thinking it was one thing when we knew in our hearts it was stomething else and then it was too late to operate.
Being my first Scrapbook and my first scrapbook page I've done, I wanted to dedicate the first few pages to her Memory. She loved to have her picture taken!
We now have a "puppy" Weim named Abby who is just as sweet and precious as Baroness but in her own unique way <bg>. We will never forget our "Bubba Girl" Baroness.

The Poem Reads:
In Memory of a Special Pet
With tears of grief and heavy hearts
we said goodbye to you.
Animal friends as sweet as you
have been a precious few.
You stayed with us and played with us
and gave us all your love.
Now we give the gift of peace to you
and thank our Lord above
for all the years you joined our family
wtih your patient, gentle face.
We'll always keep you in our hearts
in a very special place.
All the memories you made with us
are surely here to stay,
for what love has already given us
death could never take away.