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Part of the book for my friend, she had a few photos in there of them throughout the holidays, I picked the cutest ones and was able to get a two-pager out of it. This was one of the hardest 2 page christmas layouts I have ever done and the reason is just so silly but I can't help it. The blue coat in the bottom right, it threw me off compared to all the other girls holiday photos - drove me crazy, pp after pp I went through and hated it b/c the coat clashed w/it. Finally DCWV came to the rescue! Was a challenge to do very non traditional colors for a holiday layout! The title and little shape squares were actually a full sheet of glitter cardstock pp but I hacked it to pieces to get my title. Truly have to see this and it's counterpart side by side in real life to appreciate the colors on the opposite side of this set were so strong, had that blue, add her blue coat and was just to diff/off to use strict red/green I felt, but really needed to use that pp and photo, this was my solution!! This bugger sat for days, it was really a step by step layout!