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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I have a Mulberry tree in my front yard that has kazillions of berries on it each year. I used to get and sit and watch the birds, especially the robins, glug them down. I feel inner joy when I watch them enjoy themselves, and when their young in the juniper bushes start screaming for food. I also used to watch them get worms. I used to gather worms where I worked after a rain and throw them on my yard. Now I have huge worms for the birds.

Got some photos to remember them by. The tree may not get to be in my presence much longer, possibly cut down. The tree showers the street and my lawn, my car, my sidewalk with the berries, sadly not all can be eaten. And, MERCY, purple poop! The neighbors and my spouse do not like to clean purple poop offf their cars! So, I have made a memory of it. Spouse found a wasp's nest on the ladder he was going to climb to help me get photos. had been vacated by its occupants!

Oh, yeah, there's the pic I promised of my cut hair. Its already grown over an inch since it was cut. I didn't know my picture was being taken, or I would've made an effort to smile. I just went thru another steroid treatment, so I have the old "moon face". Hopefully, I'll get rid of that too!

At the bottom, I called this the "good tree". If you stroll thru my gallery at about Christmas time, you'll find out what happened to my pretty 50-yr old Juniper Tree. Its turning brown now. Lifeless.

I always look forward to spring.

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