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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Twiggy is my dog, but his heart belongs to his human. BUT, when he gets and owie, he comes to mommie. Lately, when he demands a beggin strip, I make sure I get a kiss out of him! He's sweet, but will bite without warning. I think he has some places in his body that hurt and nobody better touch them. I found a photo the other night of me laying on the couch with him. HA! Now, we don't fit together on the couch. He won't sleep with me because I can't keep my hands off him. Can't help it, I love him! He will be eleven in August! Trying to document some memories while I can.
I've been looking at this, and convinced myself I couldn't put anything else on it.

I used the Cinnamon Kit. Brads, ribbon, tag, bow ribbon, paper. the 12X12 D Ring Albums are awesome. No popping open, just flip thru and enjoy your memories!