Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This layout was inspired by a recent Sassy Blinging Babes challenge... to scrap your obsession.

It got me thinking about my obsessions. I have a few!! And that is beyond my kids and scrapping!!

I love to take photos of doors. Been doing this for years. I just find them fascinating. So I featured that obsession while tucking in many others. See if you can find all my obsessions!

Journaling reads: "When you think of all the things that you could rank as my obsessions, you do not think doors! Of course your mind goes right to my children, not sure if you can call them an obsession, but they are a main focus of my life. You think things like cookies, namely chocolate chip! Snowmen, I can never have enough in my collection. Fighting for autism. Hearts, I have a tendency to like decor that involves hearts. Or buttons, birds, butterflies, owls, animals of just about any kind. Trees, pastures and mountains. Yes all of these things. And my camera and my incessant need to take photos. What do I photograph most? Besides my kids? Doors! I'm intrigued by their history and mystery, what lies beyond? What has passed through? Do they welcome you in? Do they keep something out? I'm fascinated by the art and artistry of doors!"