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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This will be the (eventual) last page of my 2005 family scrapbook. The large picture is my family Christmas 2005. The inset picture is Christmas 2004. What a difference a year makes!

2005 in review
2005 was a busy, blessed year. It started out with a big new step in Cameronís life. On January 4th, Cameron started school for the very first time. Although he missed the deadline for preschool, he was able to enroll in Sprouts, a program for 3 year olds, run by the park district. Cameron loved school, and we could see him really gaining confidence and independence. Cameron also began swimming lessons in January, but these had a slightly rougher start. On the first day of lessons, Cameron refused to get in the water. He wouldnít even sit on the side of the pool. Slowly, though, Cameron became less timid and started to enjoy the water.
In February, we took a family vacation to Mexico. We got to play on the beach, ride on a pirate ship, and get a much-needed rest. We loved having time together with nothing to do except play and have fun. It was also nice to escape the midwest winter and enjoy the warm sun in the tropics.
Spring began with Meghan getting her very first haircut. Although her hair wasnít very long, it was getting in her eyes. Once she had the haircut, she started looking so grown up. She definitely wasnít a baby any more. Then for Easter, both kids found seed packets in their baskets. We spent the next couple of months with little plants growing in Dixie cups on all the windowsills, waiting to be planted outside.

By May, the weather was warm and the plants could be planted. We had so many tomato plants that we were giving them to everyone we knew. For Motherís Day, Cameron and Meghan gave their godmothers, Grandma, and Busia some flowers that they had grown themselves.
The summer was hot, dry, and sunny this year. We enjoyed a kiddie pool in the yard and regular trips to the pool at the gym. Cameron and Meghan both loved playing in the water. Meghan had no fear at all, and showed signs of turning into a little fish. Cameron thought that one of the highlights of summer was a trip to the rock-climbing wall with the Vacation Bible School group. The kids also enjoyed playing at the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford. It was hard to drag them away from the interactive displays, and as soon as we left, they were asking when we could go back. Meanwhile, Eric and I celebrated August with trips to Wrigley field to see the Cubs play.
We had a very busy fall. In September, Cameron began actual pre-school at TLC. He loves everything about the school and is excited by all the things that he is learning. At the end of the month we took our first car vacation as a family to Niagara Falls. The falls were amazing, and the area was a lot of fun. Cameron and Meghan both had a great time! We then spent the first weeks of October with what seemed like an endless birthday party for Cameron and Meghan. We celebrated Halloween by trick or treating as a blue, jumping superhero and a ladybug. Then in November, Eric brought the fire truck to TLC and taught all of the kids fire safety. Thanksgiving reminded us about how lucky we are and about all the blessings we have received.
December was a cold snowy start to winter. We all enjoyed playing in the snow and sledding. We had a very blessed Christmas, which allowed us to spend time with our friends and family, and really enjoyed the season. We hope that 2006 brings us nearly the happiness and blessings that we received in 2005.

Thanks for looking!