Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For the first hour I hated Salvadore De Bahia. We walked to the Mercado Modelo for tourists and I was very intimidated by all the young boys who were begging for money. There were several boys standing all around us tapping and tugging on us and trying to get our attention; wherever we walked outside they followed us. They were right in our faces and I was a little frightened by them. Most seemed to be about 8-12 years old. We were with 3 friends we met on the cruise ship, Joel, his sister, Cindy, and their mother Zelda, all from Canada.

Finally we all 5 agreed to take a double-decker sight-seeing tour bus but as we were waiting to get on the bus one of the boys picked up a large rock when we wouldn't give him money. He appeared to be about 12 years old to me. (We had been warned that these kids will throw rocks at the tourists and we had also been warned that the crime rate was very high!)

We don't know if he was going to throw the rock at Bill or at Joel, but before he could throw the rock Bill grabbed it from him. He picked up another rock to throw at Bill or hit him with and Bill tried to take it away from him but he ran with it. Bill chased him to try to get the rock away but the police intervened and they went after the boy and we got on the tour bus.

We had a great time on the top level of the bus it was open air so it was easy to get great pictures! I would not have felt safe touring this city on foot, even though I had left my wedding band and all jewelry and money in the safe in our cabin.

All of the Salvadore de Bahia pages are in lavendar with pale green paper for titles and journaling. I did this so I can tell by the color paper when I change from one port or city to another.

The entire cruise scrapbook has black mats for consistency.