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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

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Journaling reads:
One day when we went outside to go for a swim, I just happened to look down at the pond behind our house and saw this momma duck and her ELEVEN (yes eleven!) babies. They were so cute and fuzzy, that I just had to run back inside and get my camera. After I snapped a few pictures, I went back inside to get our new video camera and try it out. As I was video-ing them, they head toward the water. At the waterís edge, momma duck noticed something in the air that neither I nor the babies saw. She immediately started quacking very loudly and apparently was saying something in particular to her babies, because they quickly ran into the water. Finally, I saw what the momma knew about several seconds earlier... a large bird, probably an osprey flew over the pond trying to get a baby duck. Since the momma sensed the danger and warned her ducklings, they were able to get themselves to the safety of the water and not get snatched by the bigger bird. It was so amazing to see how the babies were protected by their momma and also how they immediately obeyed her. I tried to use it as an object lesson of obedience for Amelia, but I donít quite think she fully understood what I was trying to teach her.