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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

I just wanted to document our interesting 4th of July. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well, so after we had my daughter and her family and my in-laws over for BBQ, I went to lay down while everyone else was visiting. I had just fallen pretty sound asleep when my hubby came running in our room with a phone in his hand. My hubby is always really calm in a crisis, but I could tell from his voice that something was up and it startled me awake. As I glanced out the window I became fully awake. Flames were leaping up on our neighbor's yard 20 feet in the air. The wind was blowing and those flames were getting dangerously close to their roof. I am truly thankful their roof was tile...if had not been...i'm pretty sure it would have caught on fire. Neighbors and people passing by stopped and helped. Things were pretty well under control, thank goodness, when my daughter grabbed the camera. While I had been sleeping, my son-in-law was giving a firework demonstration and the wind apparently picked up a still smoldering inside of the firework and caught those dry bushes on fire. Scary. We can laugh about it now, but it was a little crazy for several minutes.