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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My daddys oldest sister
The 2 in the little frames are his olest brother Ray and another pic of aunt Edna

My Aunt Edna was a teacher in the Sullivan Co and Bristol, Tn School system for over 50 yrs. She started in a one room school house in the
Sinking Springs area of our community.
She had no childen of her own so i think the many children she taught became her children and her special children were us the nieces and nephews of her family. She brought us the out dated school books each yr when the new ones were bought for the school and instilled in us the desire to read. She was the undisputed head of our family and we all respected and loved her very much
She died in 1984. I remember my father standing over his sister wiping away a tear and commenting on how very small she was. He died 2 weeks later and it was a very hard time losing 2 in my family that ment so much.