Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I usually try to do something with the inside front and back covers of my scrapbooks, sometimes I use them to make a collage of funny pictures from the album or include pictures that didn't really 'fit' on any of the pages and sometimes, I just fill it up with leftover stickers that I've bought and didn't used.
In my Italy Trip book, I had seen paper online that I really liked, it was simple paper that just had rows of words printed across it in italian but of course, it was out stock and I couldn't find it in any stores in my area. Since the paper was for the inside back cover, I figured I had 100 pages to do first and therefore had time to wait for the paper to be instock. When I got to the end of the book, I still could get the paper I wanted, so I decided to make my own.
The good news is, I'm pretty crafty and ambitious once I get an idea in my head, the bad news is that this was before I bought my Cricut! I had a set of 1/2 inch alphabet punches so I decided on a group of Italian words that had meaning to me and the trip and being a little anal in my scrapping, made sure that with the words cut in three colors I had the right number of words so that it would only show in the same color once every three times it appeared on the page. Yes, I'm a little nutty about the little details.
So anyway, I settled on my seven words (ciao, grazie, gnocchi, Pozzilli, treni, non gasata and per favore) and punched out each letter of each word in red, white then green, enough times to fill a 12" x 12" black sheet of cardstock! I then set about gluing each letter in place. It took about seven hours just to cut out the letters and glue them down individually (not counting the at least two hours I spent picking words and making sure I had the right number of them so that my repeating red, white & green theme would work).
Of course, after all of this work, I didn't want to cover so much of the paper that you wouldn't be able to appreciate my work so I added a tag showing the date we returned home (this was a theme throughout the book each time we went to a different city) and added some stickers I had actually picked up in Italy for my scrapbook. To finish it off, I added a border sticker across the top and right side of the inside cover next to the paper.
Even though this was a TON of work, I LOVE this page and I'm not sorry that the one I originally wanted was out of stock. If it hadn't been, I never would have made this page. I'll always have the memory of my scrapfriends watching in awe and disbelief shaking their heads at my determination to cut out and glue these letters one at a time!