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Give a Cheer
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My husband Mike, made a guitar sing and his voice was the most melodious I've ever heard. He could sing and yodel like Slim Whitman or get down and dirty with Elvis Presley. Whenever I got mad at him, he picked up his guitar and I fell in love all over again. The little picture (top left) is Mike doing something, you've probably not seen before. He worked the 'boom', jumping from log to log in order to position them and make a raft to float into Ketchikan. Many is the time he came home to change his wet clothes, grab a quickie (to warm up, he said),and run back to the boom. Some of you will recognize my wedding dress, before I altered it, in the lower right photo. I embellished the silver corners and put each silver dot on individually. When I photographed this layout with the page protector on, I thought, Oh, Crapola, and retook the photo, however, I later decided I liked the wrinkly and swirly texture the plastic left. In fact, wish I'd done it to the companion page.