Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I usually try to do something with the inside front and back covers of my scrapbooks, sometimes I use them to make a collage of funny pictures from the album or include pictures that didn't really 'fit' on any of the pages and sometimes, I just fill it up with leftover stickers that I've bought and didn't used or make a huge journal page.
In my Italy Trip book, I found this great paper so I used it for the inside front cover, marking with brads each city we visited and I then marked with a special rhinestone brad the town where my family lives. Some of the places we went weren't pre-marked on the map so I used a black sharpie and added them in! The the best day of the trip was the day we traveled to the town of Pozzilli, found and met our cousins! Of course, since it's a small town, I had to add it to the map. I used red brads because it's my favorite color and since the paper was white and the inside cover of the book and photo corners green, the only 'missing' color of the Italian flag on the page was red.