Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is the layout I did on the back inside cover of a book of our Italy trip I made as a gift for my Mom. It is an 8" x 8" version of the 12" x 12" layout I made for the inside back cover of my own book.
I usually try to do something with the inside front and back covers of my scrapbooks, sometimes I use them to make a collage of funny pictures from the album or include pictures that didn't really 'fit' on any of the pages (as I did here) and sometimes, I just fill it up with leftover stickers that I've bought and didn't used or make a journal page.
When I did my own Italy Trip book, I had seen paper online that I really liked, it was simple paper that just had rows of words printed across it in italian but of course, it was out stock and I couldn't find it in any stores in my area so I ended up making my own words paper. When it came time to do my Mom's book, I duplicated the page updating some of the italian words I used to ones that would have more meaning to my Mom. The original page, 'Homemade Italian Words', which you can also see in My Gallery took over seven hours to make as I didn't own a Cricut at the time and I had to use alphabet punches to cut out all of the letters. By the time I got to my Mom's book, I had my Cricut and so, this page went MUCH faster, although I still had to glue and place each letter of each word individually.
The ten words (or town/city names) you'll see repeating in red, white & green on this page are: ciao, Padova, grazie, gnocchi, Pozzilli, treni, non gasata, per favore, Roma and Formaggio.