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This is the layout I did on the front inside cover of a book of our Italy trip I made as a gift for my Mom. It is an 8" x 8" layout inspired by the 12" x 12" layout ('Where We Went In Italy' in My Gallery) I made for the inside front cover of my own book.
I usually try to do something with the inside front and back covers of my scrapbooks, sometimes I use them to make a collage of funny pictures from the album or include pictures that didn't really 'fit' on any of the pages and sometimes, I just fill it up with leftover stickers that I've bought and didn't used or make a journal page. On the inside front cover of my 12" x 12" book from this trip, I used a map of Italy and marked all of the cities and towns we visited with brads. When I made this book for my Mom, I wanted to do something similar so I used my Cricut to cut out the names of the places we visited and arrange them on the inside front cover.
As you can see, we made many stops in the 'Old Country', the BEST one being Pozzilli, a town name you probably don't recognize but the Comune di Pozzilli is the town (about 200 miles outside of Rome, by the Aquaduct) where my great-grandmother was born and our cousins still live. On this trip, we spent a day traveling there, looking for our cousins and being thrilled to meet them and spend the day with them!
I used 6 different alphabet Cricut cartridges, some with and some without a 'shadow' and for the 'Capri' & 'Padua', I acutally cut the same size (no shadow) in red, white & green and then layered the letters.
The 'Florence' and 'Rome' were cut with the Base Camp cartridge.
The 'Pozzilli' and 'Milan' were cut with the 'Cuttin' Up' cartridge.
The 'Pisa' was cut with the Mickey Font cartridge.
The 'Naples' and 'Venice' were cut with the Mini Monograms cartridge.
The 'Capri' and 'Padua' were cut with the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.