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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Going on holidays this year, we stopped in for the first time, to The Badlands of Alberta Canada. WOW let me just say that. Funny I've lived in Alberta all my life and I was overwhelmed at the beauty before us. We have spent our entire lives as flatlanders, as they say, traveling here it seems we stepped into another world. It was most diffinetly worth the drive and worth going back for us. This Layout is my son Corey who just stood at the edge of the cliff, which dropping almost straight down into a canyon filled with layers of sediment, layer after layer, he stood there almost breathless in the beautiful landscape in front of him.
The top picture is actually a post card of the Hoodoos which is located down inside the ravine.
I have to thank my youngest son Kyle, for taking this photo, Corey was unaware it was being taken, but those are usually the best photo's. Even though you can't see his face you can tell he was in awe.

Because of the colors I had difficulty taking a picture of this layout, so its not a vibrant as the orginal photo. Thank you for visiting my gallery, I hope you enjoyed my newest layout...... Breathtaking