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I call myself an artist. That's a big title to live up to. What does being an artist involve? How do you know you are one? Who has the right to give the title? This is a self-proclaimed title! I gave it to mayself in the second grade. I KNEW I would be one someday and why not call myself one now? I hav sold pieces to people who value and enjoy my creations. I used to create "pretty art" or works that look very realistic annd portray quiet scenes, but I got no real satisfaction from them. I only get that thrill from digging down deep and sharing my thoughts and opinions visually. After all, Art is a means of communication. My works are mostly figurative, but all share some common social issue that plagues women that I care aboout, myself included, or issues that I have experienced. THe series pictured here, is from my "One in Eight" series on breast cancer awareness. My Mother-in-law and aunt were going through treatment at the time and I felt like I had to contribue in some small way to the education of the public. It was displayed in several locations in Syracuse, NY. I like to be a little edgy without going over the top. I don't care for shock value very much, but do want to have someone look twice at my artwork. I work mostly in sculpture, ceramics, and fabric art. Even if I don't sell alot of work, I still find great satisfaction in getting my viewpoints out there visually. I do consider myself an Artist.
I am a communicator through my art.