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I was always so trusting and never imagined anything bad would happen to me. It wasn't until college that I learned a tough lesson in life. I had a little too much to drink and was only a week into my new freedom, when I was raped. It was the longest night of my life. I was horrified and embarrassed. I vowed to never tell a soul. I thought I had asked for it. I was a little too flirty and had a few drinks. I just didn't know that it wasn't my fault. A few months after the event, I cracked and finally told my girlfriends in my sorority one night and then called my Mom and told her. I found out that she, too, had been raped in college. I sought professional counseling to deal with the guilt and pain. It has taken many years to really come to terms with my loss of trust and innocence. I finally realized that the incident made me a stronger woman. I really think that even though it was a horrible time in my life, I grew from it and it made me more determined to reach my goals. I'll never forget, but now I remind myself: I am a SURVIVOR!

"That which does not kill us, makes us stronger"