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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My beautiful children, my little sweetpeas! TFL!

Come back into the fold of my protective wings.
Let not your spirit be restless
For you are here with me. I will always be your one on which to lean, your rock, your number one fan.
Fear not child to speak your mind. Undo the wrongs of the day, And together we'll make them right.
Speak of
heartaches, so that
they may be subdued. Share your joys, so that they may be my joys too.
Always know that I am with you,
For you are my precious gift
from God. I will always love you,
And keep you safe from life's hardships. I will cushion your bumps, And tend to your scrapes.
I will guide you tenderly;
Your brilliant eyes
will always be my sun; Share with me your heart
And I with you. I love you.
Poem by Elizabeth M. PIllari

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