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The Young Rascals, aka The Rascals (the group dropped the “Young” from their name in early 1967 while continuing their streak of hits) were an American soul and rock group of the 1960s.

Felix Cavaliere: keyboard,( vocals), Gene Cornish (guitar), Dino Danelli (drums) and Eddie Brigati (vocals) formed the band in New York City. Three-quarters of the group - Felix, Gene, and Eddie - had previously been members of Joey Dee and the Starliters. Eddie’s brother, David Brigati, another former Starliter, arranged the vocal harmonies and sang backgrounds on many of the group’s recordings (informally earning the designation as the Fifth Rascal).

I attended The Rascals' concert at the Sam Houston Coliseum on Thursday, December 21, 1967. Cheryl said she doesn't remember if she went with me or not. Opening for the band were Steve Ames' "Moving Sidewalks", "The Magic Ring", and "The Deuce is Wilde", along with Houston's "Matchbox" and a Fort Worth band whose name is cut off on the ticket stub.