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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My dd and I at the photo booth.

Journaling:You and I went to the mall one day and decided to go into the photo booth! We had so much fun!!
As I journal this page, I wonder if we will keep doing these silly things together? I wonder if you would even want to go to the mall with me when you get older? If you would want anything to do with me when youíre 15, and Iím 50? I know I shouldnít worry so much but it brings tears to my eyes just thinking of the possibility. I want us to be best friends forever and Iím counting on that to be true! All I can do is be the best Mom I can be and to make sure you know just how much I love you each and every day!
I love you Charley!

Mommy, your best friend!