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My Ds#1, Corgen.

Journaling reads:
February 2, 2006
It always seems like you cry at the drop of a hat. Daddy and I frequently refer to you as our little Drama Queen... Umm I mean King! I guess you get that from me. I tend to cry when i get really scared, get my feelings hurt, or get physically hurt. Sometimes it seems like you are just doing it for the attention. First you scrunch up your face... Next the tears start building up in your eyes... Then all of a sudden, back goes your head, your mouth flies open and out comes this Wild Banshee scream! I know it's usually not for a serious reason, especially since daddy can usually stop the screaming by tickling you. I hope this if just one of your phases. But no matter what you do, or how emotional you get, I will always love you!
Love, Mommy