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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Film strip design. Florida gets 40,000,000 visitors a year. God bless them. BUT, there are those who are so obviously not local and over-the-top, in-your-face tacky it is hilarious!! I lived in Orlando for 2 yrs and in Florida for 30, so it wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination to come up with this Halloween costume. It has to be one of my favorites!!
Hawiian-type printed skirt w/teal top that had gold threads running thru it.
Large bra w/ pillow stuffing and small pillow used to make my butt look bigger.
Fake lap dog I took w/ me everywhere.
MAP and off-the-chain thick makeup.
Straw handbag w/ Florida tourist brochures popping out and a manatee keychain.
Foam visor and flip-flops I decorated w/ foam tiki torches and other tropical foam bits.
Pearls,tacky pin from some bar pushing their margaritas,and a metal "P" brouche like "Laverne and Shirly".
Paula Dean style wig.
And, of course, a cheap camera...thats how all these pics were taken.

I went ALL OVER Gainesville asking people to help me because I was from Arkansas,Ohio, wherever and that I was lost. I needed to find Disney World!!!They loved it...lots of pics taken!!I ran up to one gentleman and started shouting "OMG! Its Rob Lowe!!!Can I get picture w/ you??!!My friends at home ain't going to believe this!!!" And he you can see in the small pic he kinda resembles him,I ran into so many princesses on my journey to find Dinsey so I knew I was getting close! As the quest wore on I ran into Jay and Silent Bob!!!WOW! Had to get a pic w/ more "celebrities"! Very excited to see a beautiful genie....I must have made it to the Magic Kingdom!!

I have more pics and stories about this Halloween but was unable to fit w/ the family friendly theme :D HA!!Don't even get me started about dancing in the food court at the mall with a chicken and getting kicked out by a security guard!!!ROFLM(pillow)O!!!!!