Christmas in July is Here! The best of last year and beyond |
Christmas in July is Here! The best of last year and beyond | Details Here.


Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Most families have an evergreen tree, but some years we have a cotton-wrapped sassafras tree! The family member pictured is really proud of this tree (not so sure about the fabulous purple pants).

The wreath is made out of paper and tinsel tied around a wire hanger. Butterflies (ornaments) are made from upside down Christmas lights. The wings are tissue paper (with tinsel-glitter) stretched over ornament hangers. Snowflakes for red and green snowflake ornament were cut out using Cricut. Red paper is used to form the "strings" for the ornaments. Silver dots on all 3 ornaments were made with a gel pen.

How I used the pack:
- Wrapping paper: I cut out 3 of the trees and used them along the right side, below the hanging ornaments.
- 2 Christmas lights: were turned upside down to form the bodies of the butterfly ornaments.
- 8 puff balls: 4 were attached to the Christmas lights to form the butterfly antennae, 3 were used as the top of the 3 trees, 1 was used as the center of the snowflake ornament.
- 6" x 12" piece of tin foil: cut into 3 strips. One strip was cut into a swirl shape that was placed on the left side. Two strips were punched and used as border strips.
- 5 ornament hangers: 4 were used to create the butterfly wings. The 5th was bent into a circle to form the frame for the wreath. Green strips of paper were knotted around this frame to make a fluffy wreath.
- Red/white ribbon: used as a bow on the wreath
- 2 jingle bells: tied (with tinsel) to the wreath, right under the bow.
- Tinsel: One piece was cut into tiny pieces and glued to the tissue paper to make the butterfly wings sparkly. Other pieces were tied onto the wreath to give it sparkle. Also used to tie the bells to the bow.