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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my layout for the December 2009 Scrap Pack Challenge!

The journalling says, "The Rush-Porter Family Christmas Tree 2009".

Here's a detailed account of how I used each item in this month's Scrap Pack:

Aluminum Foil: Fashioned the "star" on the top of the tree by cutting a circle out of the foil, then cutting the edges of the circle. I also cut smaller circles from the foil, then used them as Christmas ornaments on the tree.

Wrapping Paper: Cut squares and rectangles from the wrapping paper to make the four presents underneath the Christmas tree.

Jingle Bells: Put the jingle bells on the Christmas tree, as ornaments.

Mini Pompoms: Put the pompoms on the tree, as ornaments.

Mini Christmas Lights: They are both underneath my photograph, adding an attractive accent.

Christmas Tinsel: Several strands are attached to the Christmas tree. The spots where I glued them on are hidden by white ornaments cut from cardstock.

Ornament Hangers: These are the items that gave me the most trouble, by far! After trying several different things, I finally just twisted them together into a round "ornament" that I attached to the layout with an edge cut from the ribbon. It serves a dual purpose--as an ornament, and also as the "O" in the title, "O Christmas Tree".

Ribbon: As I stated above, I cut an edge off of the ribbon and used it to tie the ornament hanger ornament to the layout. I cut a small hole in the cardstock of the layout, then threaded the thin piece of ribbon though, and tied it. I then tied the remainder of the ribbon in a flat knot, and put it between the two lightbulbs as a nice accent underneath my photograph.

Non-Scrap-Pack Materials: Green, red, and white cardstock; red and green pens; and a photograph of my family's Christmas tree.