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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

this for a few challenges
ABC rd. 11 GHIJ
Geometric- circles (6 of them- enough for the twist)
Headshot the pic on the right of Who is the closest of the three headshots
Isolated embellie- the flourish on the top is alone
Joke the way who got her name is sure to bring laughs

Scraplift the person befroe you. I scraplifted scrappingcgwife and did triple vision for the picture.

Also for the dec.26th progressive challenge

Journaling is the story of how who got her name.
She came into our family as angel which she never answered to, my cousin his wife and girls came over and the wife was afraid of who so I put her in the closet and we went about our business. A few minutes later his wife and kids told me the cat was out. I told them no way, until she showed herself! She opened the closet door. She's our little escape artist therefore miss houdini or who for short!