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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

for a cj i'm participating in. the subject was any and all things turtle

Journaling: Okay, i'll admit that i'm a little ignorant about all things turtle, but i did not know that there were trutle forums, save the turtles sites, and certainly, i didn't know there was a turtle anthem. When i came across Alyssa and Kassandra's site, i knew i had found the topic for my turtle layout. I couldn't resist how adorably this anthem was written. I even left the typos in. I offer an official turtle salute to all turtle lovers throughout the land, and i promise to recite the turtle anthem whenever i spot a deserving turtle. i urge you to do the same. Turtles Forever!

Turtle Anthem
Oh Turtle land
Our true shells strong and free
We eat a lot fo fish
As many as there could possably be
With glowing eyes
We see our prey
We catch them with our mouths
And hold their hands
And say out loud
That turtles rule the town
Oh turtle land
We stand on guard for our shells
Oh turtle land
We stand on guard for our shells

Created by: Alyssa and Kassandra