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Scraptathlon – Week #6 Challenge, “More Than Words”. We had to pick random numbers (1-8) which assigned us a sketch, color scheme, and quote…everybody had unique numbers/instructions. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN MY SB.COM LIFE THAT I HAVE EVER WON A CHALLENGE!!! (IT CAME IN 5TH PLACE…BUT HEY, IT’S STILL A WIN, RIGHT!)
My numbers were: 6-8-3 and I chose the quote, “Giggles and curls, ribbons and bows – she’s so adorable from her head to her toes! – unknown
Journaling reads:
There must have been a special event or circumstance to precipitate my grandma to have this professional photo session taken I her yard. I’ve asked my mom and my aunt, but neither of them knows why. The only thing I learned from my conversation with my Aunt Shirley is that my grandma used to roll my hair in thin strips of a white rag, knotting the ends together (am I really THAT old that they didn’t have rollers?!) In the morning she would fix my hair in an “Up-do” and it was gorgeous. I don’t remember that at all,, but I do remember how much my grandma used to love my hair and brushed it for me every night with her long gentle strokes. Perhaps the only reason for this photo was because she wanted special pictures of me for no real reason other than I was so precious to her.

Thanks for the GREAT challenge, Sara, it was a ton of fun!