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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For ADSR5 Challenge 7.

My list:
1. Pee in every ocean
2. See the Grand Canyon
3. Go to Vegas
4. Have another baby
5. Skinny dip
6. Dance with someone I love in the rain
7. Swim with a dolphin
8. Operate a radar gun
9. Shoot a gun
10. Dye my hair a crazy color
11. Make my goal weight
12. Name a star
13. Build a treehouse
14. Walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
15. Go to Disneyland
16. See an Olympic Hockey game in person
17. See a pyramid in person
18. Ride in a boat in Venice
19. Get a pedicure
20. Go on a cruise to a caribbean island
21. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person
22. Be in a movie as an extra
23. Fly in a helicopter
24. See ground Zero in NYC
25. Own my own business
26. Play the guitar
27. Witness a birth
28. Milk a cow
29. Visit all 7 continents
30. Build a house
31. Ride an elephant
32. Scuba Dive
33. Stand underneath a waterfall
34. Attend a music festival
35. Visit every capital city in Europe
36. Shake hands with someone who has truly changed the world
37. Ride a zipline
38. Do a random act of kindness a week for a year
39. Be on a game show
40. Be debt free
41. See a Broadway Play
42. Try 50 new foods
43. Make ice cream
44. Get a bikini wax
45. Learn sign language
46. Go to an authentic pub in Ireland
47. Touch the Great Wall of China
48. Ride in a hot air balloon
49. Write a poem
50. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
51. Celebrate the New Year in NYC, watching the ball drop at midnight
52. Visit every province and territory
53. See Niagra Falls

Color Burst Kit - Jennifer Fox Designs
Simply Shaded Alpha - Kaye Winiecki
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