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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!!! Sketch #41 is now up on! We would love for you to come over and play along!

Here is my latest layout from - sketch #41 with the "twist" of GREEN! Perfect for today don't you think! When I first saw the "twist" to this particular sketch...I immediately thought of Ireland....the greenest country! and kissing the Blarney Stone on the top of Blarney Castle in husband and I went there on our honeymoon back in 2002.

The journaling for this is on a card on the back (just couldn't fit a whole lot more onto this :) and reads:
"Daniel and I went to Ireland on our honeymoon. We left the morning after our wedding. We rented a car and drove across Ireland (on the wrong side of the road.) -side note not included on the journaling...I was petrified....and so worried because we didn't take the extra insurance out on the rental we were leaving the airport, Daniel started right off onto the road....on the wrong side! He got the hang of it pretty quickly...especially by the time we drove from Shannon to Dublin. Journaling cont: "On one of our many adventures we stopped at Blarney Castle to kiss the "Blarney Stone"- you have to climb to the top of a STEEP castle (in ruins,) hang upside down, and kiss the blarney stone. Doing this is said to give you "Eloquence" - well, I have to mention that I banged my head forehead on the stone leaning backwards & banged it again on the stone sitting back up... the Irish man who holds you during all of this was chuckling - my forehead was bleeding. I'm sure he thought we were a bunch of stupid Americans. This was a trip of a lifetime - crazy in love with my new husband!"

I will be posting this and some detailed photos of this layout on my blog ! I would love to have you drop by and say "HI!"