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This is my Youngest DD back in 2007 and still to this day this is still an almost everyday routine.
I have a little tip for all of you that have a color monster in your family.
I have tryed everything from goo gone, laquer thinner, to bla bla. Well let me tell you the other day I had got out my little steamer to wash the base bourds in my kitchen and of course their on my walls were those little scribbles of crayon so I sprayed it with my steamer and "wa la" it just melted the crayon away. Spray it, melt it, wipe it. Now I only wish I would of found this out three years ago, but thats alright it will still come into use for the future. I guaranteed it.
Journaling Reads:
"Jaidyn has always been the child that gets into everything. This particular day I walk into the kitchen to find my Jaidyn with a yellow marker drawing over the entire floor well if I hadnít walked in there when I did the entire floor would probably be yellow due to the fact she was very much satisfied at what she was doing and having a great time and wasnít looking to quit any time soon. She had drawn all over the kitchen tiles and all over herself. Jaidyn had pointed to her leg to show me her artistic drawing that she was so proud and happy of doing. I wish I could have been just as happy but it was time to grab the soap again. Just as I get this mess cleaned up I guaranteed I will turn around to find another mess that Jaidyn is perfecting in.
November 13, 2007"

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