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**note: these directions had been posted in the gallery with step by step photos walking you through it. Whoever had posted it, has removed it. But i had written down the directions and re-posted them in the "each one, teach one" thread. Someone needed a visual to understand them, so i drew this up in PSP. If you have any questions on this project, please feel free to ask!

2 library pockets from 1 8.5 x 11 sheet

-Cut paper longwise so you have 1-4"x11" strip (for back of pockets) and 1-4 1/2"x11" strip (front of pockets).

-Cut each strip in the middle shortwise at 5 1/2". You now have pieces to make 2 pockets.

-Working on the back of the paper, turn the larger piece 1/4 (so it's long side it going right to left) and lay the smaller piece on top of it (longer side going top to bottom). The smaller piece should be placed about 3/8" from the bottom edge of the bottom piece.

-Fold the bottom pice over the top piece and crease on all 3 sides (right, bottom and left)

- Cut off the 2 little rectangles that have been formed in the bottom corners of the bottom piece. So now it has 3 tabs (right, bottom and left).

- With and oval or circle template, trace a shallow curve at the top of the pocket front (piece with tabs). Then cut it out.

- working on the back of the paper, lay the pocket back piece on top of the pocket front (piece with tabs). Fold the tabs over the back and glue down.