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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling reads: How I wish I could remember all the wonderfully descriptive details my grandmother used when telling us this story. Well into her eighties, she delighted us with her memory of the colors and beautiful fabrics worn by the doll that she had once loved so much. The buttons on her dress, the color and style of her hair, it was all still fresh in her mind.

Obvious by her vivid memory of these details, she could picture it as if she was still that five year old little girl who admired the doll from the general store window in her family's small Connecticut town. The storekeeper must have been a kind soul, for he allowed her to push the doll around the store in a stroller during visits into town. I'm certain she cared for the doll with great love each time she visited that store, taking care not to wrinkle her dress or unravel the curls in her hair.

I can only imagine how her little heart must have broke when, just before Christmas, she discovered that her beloved doll was no longer in the store window. The kind storekeeper explained to her that a father had recently come in and bought it for his little girl. How sad she must have been. At the same time, I think of what great delight the storekeeper must have felt in his heart, knowing all along that sweet Erna would be the little girl who found the doll under her Christmas tree, for it was her father who had bought it.

Each time my grandmother told this story I became misty-eyed, and still do, when remembering it. Many of the details may have been lost, but it still warms my heart. What a wonderful Christmas morning it must have been that year. Circa 1922. Journaling March 2010.

**My grandmother passed away in 2003 and this layout has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Thanks for looking!