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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my take on the Ad inspiration Challenge for February.
I hope you like it! :) Oh.. the circles around the little pics of Emilee, the first one says FULL 2nd: OF 3rd: LIFE
SOrry about the shady scan.. it's because of the lumpy flowers!
Here's the journaling:
Great Kid
always entertaining
always ready with a pose
always making up jokes
making us laugh
sometimes making us cry.
The fun is neverending
when you're around.
Sometimes we get the
pleasure of a dance show.
Sometimes it's a skit.
Lots of times we have to
play zoo..the kind of zoo
where you can BUY the
animals and take them
home! You're the zoo-
keeper, always ready
with instructions for
animal care. Lots of
times it's shopping in
your room.. complete
with shopping cart and
cash register. You're a
FUN machine Emilee!