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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

A good friend indeed. The other night, she asked me, are you okay? And all of a sudden, I realized I wasn't. I was pretty close to the pits hell I guess. Anyway, it was like she unplugged something and I felt better! She is always there for me, leaves me such nice comments on my layouts. I'm hoping I'll get better leave this lovey friend and my other friends lots of love, as they have given me. Her friends call her Betty Boop, this is reason for Betty Boop theme. The paper is Betty Boop, and I put mask on it so I could show a larger shot of her face. The mask turned the paper into sort of a qp. Love you Judy...e Betty!

Also, Judy is involved with a motorcycle organization that raises money for hospice patients. Judy is very giving of herself and her time.

Hope I didn't use too much sparkle!