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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This photo is of me and my boys just after the baby's adoption. I was a frazzled mom of two. A friend popped by to see the new baby and took this picture of the three of us and later emailed it to me. I really didn't like the picture that much at first. The journaling talks about the photo and my reflection upon it one year later.

The journaling is excerpted here:

[snip] At the time, I didn't really like the photo for all the typically vain reasons: I'm not wearing makeup, our clothes kind of clash, my toddler is struggling to get down and the baby is just chilling, oblivious to the camera.

But now when I look back on this moment one year later, this photo is precious to me. Now, I see that it is a moment of real life. A momma and her boys. It isn't perfect, but life isn't perfect. Now, I see this photo and I see joy, and I see pride, and I see love, and I see my boys. That's all the really matters, after all. This is us and this is home and love grows here.