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Journaling says, "Infatuation. Suppressed passions. Courting. Calling. Duty over desire. All themes found in Jane Austen's delicious books. Also? Two of my favorite fictional characters. I'm sure part of my obsession has to do with the actors playing them, but whether it's the actors or the characters themselves, I adore Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice and Colonel Christopher Brandon of Sense and Sensibility.

Mr. Darcy is a man of strong opinions, deep sense of duty and passions that run deep. Watching him fight his feelings for Elizabeth due to his feelings of duty to his family is, at once, infuriating and intoxicating. Seeing his inscrutable gaze as he watches her every move when they're together - is he disdainful of her or besotted? Whatever it is, it's obviously felt very, very deeply. And when he declares his love for her - even though he doesn't do it terribly well, you certainly believe “how ardently he admires and loves her”. Realizing the errors of his ways, he goes above and beyond to make right what he's wronged and prove to Elizabeth that he is a man of honour and worthiness.

Col. Brandon is, indeed, as he is described by Elinor Dashwood. He is “the kindest and best of men”. Utterly entranced by Marianne from the moment he sees her, he nonetheless suppresses this desire upon realizing that she does not share his feelings. Watching him admire her from afar - never dreaming that one day she might actually return his feelings - there is no doubt that Brandon would be a dream for any woman. When she finally recognizes and asks, “You will not stay away long?” his barely suppressed joy makes you wish it was directed your way.
Two fictional characters with whom I would love to share tea. Stolen glances. Subtle flirtations. And the possibility that it would all be too much and the entire tea service would be upended as he enfolded me in his arms. Quite a fantasy, huh?"

The handkerchief and velvet flowers from Laurie Anderson's Shabby Romance kit.

Everything else from Christy Sturm's Temptation over Tea kit