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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is Sir Thomas. He was our first cat and he has been with us for about 10 or 11 years. He truly lives the life of royalty, just as his name implies! His every need is met and he lacks for absolutely nothing! Sir Thomas' daily mission in life is to eat, sleep, and poop. And that truly does sum up his day. He nests at different spots throughout the house, changing from room to room whenever the mood hits him, I guess. He usually settles into his nest while I am getting ready for work with little problem from him. I always check to see where he is before I leave for work and most days when I come home he is still there. It looks like he may have changed sides or turned around a little, but some days I swear I don't think he moves! If I am late getting in, he will meet me at the door and be right under my feet until I get him fed. As a young cat when he came to us, he was a little stand offish and not really into loving and cuddling. He was more interested in trying to get out the door every time we went in or out of the house! But now, he is a lap cat and loves to curl up on our laps, especially at night when we are watching TV. He will curl up on my husband's chest at night while he is lying on the couch and watching TV ...or at least he did until the arrival of the kittens. Now he keeps his distance and just looks at us like, “Why? Why did you bring them here on my turf?” Another thing he likes to do….when my husband gets in from work and takes his bath, Sir Thomas will meow until I come into the bathroom and sit on the commode. He then jumps up on my lap and watches my DH take his bath until he is finished. Then when he pulls the plug on the water, he jumps onto the edge of the tub and watches the water go down the drain. Weird, but he loves to do this! I can't do this every night, of course, there simply isn't enough time to do this every night but he loves it when I do sit with him in the bathroom. Lying on the back of the couch is one of his favorite places to lie. He has done that since the very beginning. Back when my daughter was in high school and used to have her boyfriends over, he would be right there on the back of the couch and that tail would swish back and forth constantly. We used to tell her that Sir Thomas was our “eyes” and we knew every move that was made!

This is for two challenges: May Pet Challenge and May Border Punch Challenge. TFL!