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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

did this for the dare going on over at this week. i've been wanting to document this stuff forever, so this worked out great!! :)

your choice of words can make me smile everytime. the way you say “we are ma-tending” when playing pretend. or the way you shorten your words like “fount” for fountain or “bunt” for button. when you say “you were kosta be” instead of “supposed to be”. or how you call out from the pool “mommmmeeeee, can you get my gobbles” instead of goggles. the way you ask for “ritos” or “or-dee-ohs”. or when you say “but i just cleaned my room “on last year” (which means yesterday). i love how you say “awwwww, she’s so beu-ful” or “girls are not kids, girls are ladies”. or when you ask to go to the “part” instead of park. how you want to use the bug repellent candle to “play bertday”. when you see a bug and ask me “is that bug cute or is he ewww?” the way you perceive anything that is big and little as “the mommy and the baby”. or if there are 2 just alike, you say “awww, they are fray-ends”. the way you ask me in the car if you can hear “Woh-man-ize” when you’re in the mood to sing along with brittany. i could go on and on thinking of your sweet little uncut and personal way of communicating. you can say things however you wish, just please don’t ever stop talking to me.

paper & tag from A Beautiful Mess collab kit by taylormade + emily powers
frames from Framed No. 7 by two shutter sisters
cardboard heart from Hearts All Around by kitty designs
staples from beYOUtiful kit by eva kipler
messy foam stamp alpha by emily powers
word heart from Est. collab kit by taylormade + paislee press
quotations from Small Talk collab kit by taylormade + fei-fei's stuff
date stamp from Mark the Date by emily powers