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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

As I can't do a card, even if my life was at stake, I needed to lift one from a friend and card maker extraordinair. It had to be real special, so I could thank my mom when she came down and stayed with my daughter, so I could take a break and go home for a week. Rule no. 1, when a devastating illness strikes a family member. "Take care of the caregiver!"
When I saw this card my friend Ingrid made, I knew I had to steal it. With her kind permission, of course.
I did not have the exact materials she used, but substituted the best I could, when needed. I changed it enough so I could write a sappy letter inside (made mom cry). However, the front cover design is completely Ingrid's creation. Thank-you Ingrid. I appreciate that you trusted me not to screw it up to badly!
P.S. Sabrina's last bone marrow biopsy showed NO sign of Luekimia cells. We should be able to come home next month. Hot Dam!