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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

This is for the 2010 SHCG BWC#1-Remember Your Passion (by Wendy). Journaling reads: I love books. I love bookmarks. I love bookstores. I love the smell of books. I love the power a good book can have over me. I love when a book is so well written it consumes me and the world around me melts away. Books are music to my eyes. I have a decent sized library of books I've read, books I haven't finished reading, books I haven't read, books I've read more than once, books other people want me to read, and some books I didn't really like that much but can‘t seem to get rid of. There are just so many books, and so little time. And just like I do sometimes when I love something so much, I take for granted that it'll always be there. Then, before I know it, so much time has passed without paying it any attention, that when I do turn to it for comfort, I have to reacquaint myself with it, and relearn how to commit and devote time to it. A new year and a new decade is an opportunity for me to rediscover an old passion, to renew a vow between myself and an old friend. Excuse me, but it's time to surrender myself and get cozy with a good book now.

The photo, mat, music pp, items above prose, journaling, and items below the journaling are not adhered. I've pushed pieces around since February and cannot get myself to commit, so now I turn to my SHcrapperzz for help. The more I look at it with these elements and this placement, the more comfortable I am with what I see. However, I'm still at the point where I'm open to ideas. I'm particularly not too sure about the graph paper for my journaling, and I'm worried that the page is bisected rather than following a rule of thirds. I'm also thinking of highlighting a few items in the journaling like one would highlight favorite quotes in a book, like "consumes me," "music to my eyes," "so many books so little time," and "surrender myself;" or maybe just underline them if the highlighter ink might be too fluorescent. I appreciate your thoughts and critiques.

One of my fave artists on this site is Mom2CamiandReese. I feel like she's the scrafter who most represents my inner style clawing to come out. I tried to channel her eclectic use of ephemera here, and I hope that finally applying my inspiration doesn't disappoint her too badly.

The typewriter letters and crossword die cut were part of a birthday stash from Marlene. Thank you! The music pp was part of a gift box filler from my schrubby which I also used on his Muse birthday card (in my gallery).

The two bookmarks featured in the photo are gifts from MyN (Denitza) and Michelle (Chell Rae) pictured left to right. MyN gave me the monogrammed bookmark when I first started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books, and I was devastated when I lost it, then elated when I found it--just like Bill Compton! Yay! Michelle gave me the bookmark as part of our True Blood Truebiezz ATC swap. The back reads, "Life begins at night," a quote by Charlaine Harris in one of the books. The swap images also appear in my gallery.

BTW, since I first started this page, I am happy to report that I have definitely kept my passion for prose blazing, with much thanks, encouragement, and support from my Truebiezz--MyN, Marlene, Michelle, & Tay. Go Team Bill!

Wendy, thank you so much for the challenge... on so many levels!